Communication to Residents During an Emergency

The City of Pepper Pike has two communications systems for informing its residents about emergency situations.

  • The first system for notification is by programmed mass telephone calling  using a pre-recorded tape to convey to residents located in a certain block or area of the city about (for example) a burst street pipe, fallen trees, or a traffic accident requiring traffic to be re-routed. If you are a resident, please be sure to have your contact information securely registered with City Hall so that in case of an emergency, you will be notified. 
  • The second method for notification is by using the Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) System. The Pepper Pike Community Emergency Radio channel is 1670am. Residents are advised to purchase a battery-operated transistor radio and tune it to 1670am on their radio dial. In case of an emergency, (for example) a weather storm, a power outage, school closings, or a traffic accident, residents can turn on their radios to 1670am and hear instructions from the Police or Fire Department about what to do and how long the situation will exist. The 1670am HAR radio station broadcasts within a 9-mile radius of Pepper Pike. When there are no emergencies to report, the radio station broadcasts community announcements on a continual tape-recorded basis.