City Income Tax Information

 The City of Pepper Pike taxes all earned income of residents who are 18 years of age or older. The earned income of residents is taxable regardless of where they actually worked, including overseas.

Earned income includes income from wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions, fees, tips, the net profits from business, professions and partnerships, winnings from lottery and gambling, and the net profits from rental property if the gross monthly rental exceeds $250 per month.

Other facts about City Income Tax
The tax is collected by the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A). if you need tax forms or have questions about your city income tax, please call R.I.T.A. at (440) 526-0900 or refer to their website at

Tax Rates and Credits

  • The current income tax rate in Pepper Pike is 1% of earned gross income. This rate has not changed since December 1971 when it was first instituted.
  • The current tax credit for residents working in other communities is 50% for taxes paid to such other communities up to a credit limit of 1%.

    For Example, if you live in Pepper Pike (tax rate - 1%) and work in the City of Cleveland (tax rate - 2%), and earn $50,000, your employer in Cleveland will withhold $1,000 from your paycheck. Your tax due to the City of Pepper Pike will be calculated as follows:

    Total earned income = $50,000
    Pepper Pike Tax = $500 ($50,000 x 1%)
    Less: credit of 50% = $250
    Total Tax due to Pepper Pike = $250

  • To view the tax ordinances of the City please click the following link: City Income Tax Ordinance - Chapter 890