Fire Department: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Fire Department

How Can I become a Part-Time member of the City of Pepper Pike Fire Department?

  1. You must be a Paramedic at the time of application 
  2. You must possess a 240-hour Firefighters Certificate for Ohio 
  3. You must possess a Valid Ohio Driver's License 
  4. You must possess a certificate of successful completion dated within the last 12 months from the Tri-C combat agility course. Time limit is 7 minutes or less. Tri-C Agility test Certification. You can contact Tri-C at 216-987-3075 for information. If you have the above four qualifications and want to become a part of a progressive fire department call us to be placed on our notification list at 216-896-6137.

How Can I Apply For Your Full Time Department?

Keep your eye out for an ad in the local newspapers for notification of a Civil Service test. Once a list is established it is good for approximately one year. Requirements will be listed in the ad.

How do I apply to get a copy of a Fire or E.M.S. report?

Fire Reports: May be obtained by phoning ahead to request the report, then when you arrive at the station you must show a valid drivers license to verify your name and sign a release that you received the report. Only certain information is deemed public information-OR- you mail a written request stating the date and location of the call, why you want the record, a self-addressed stamped envelope and contact information.

E.M.S. REPORT: May be obtained by phoning ahead to request the report, then when you arrive at the station you must show a valid drivers license for YOUR report and sign a release stating you received the report. You may not request a copy of someone else's medical report for them without proper authorization- OR- you may mail a written request for the report stating the date and location of the call, include an ORIGINAL, NOTARIZED, RELEASE OF EMS INFORMATION with signature, for yourself (or a client) along with a self addressed stamped envelope and contact information.Forward reports to the following address: Pepper Pike Fire Station, 28000 Shaker Blvd. Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124 Attn: Records (office hours 8:00am-4pm NO CHARGE)

What should I do if my water looks brown?

If the fire department or City of Cleveland is working on a hydrant or water main near your home, debris in the lines can stir up causing your water to appear brown. We recommend that you run your cold-water faucets open for five minutes, starting at the lowest level of your home and work up. If this procedure does not remedy your situation, contact the fire department and notify us of the problem.

How can I have a representative of the Fire Department visit my civic group or bring a fire truck to my community event?

The Pepper Pike Fire Department is open to the public. We are pleased to show you the fire apparatus any time you visit. It is requested that you call first to verify that someone will be in the station and available to assist you. The department has an official visitation policy. Whether it is a show for a group of Kindergartners, a fire extinguisher class for your staff, or planning a fire escape plan for your extended care organization, PPFD is here to help meet your needs. Call the fire station to make arrangements if you need representation at a community block party and ask for the Officer in charge.

Where should I locate Smoke Detectors in my home?

Outside each sleeping area, on each level of your home and above staircases. The instructions that come with the Smoke Detector will also tell you where they are to be installed.

How do I report a fire code violation, and how are complaints of violations handled by the Fire Department?

Complaints should be called into the Fire Prevention Division, 216-831-8500. Fire Prevention will document the complaint and then will assign a Fire Inspector to expedite and investigate the complaint.

How do I schedule a Fire Safety Inspection?

The Fire Department endeavors to inspect all commercial buildings annually. The Fire Prevention Division carries out the inspections. If you need/want an inspection for a commercial building or an inspection for Foster Care or for Adoption purposes contact the Fire Prevention Division at 216-896-6137.

How do I request a Fire Safety presentation?

The Fire Department offers fire safety presentations to local schools and civic organizations. Local Schools are set up with regularly scheduled classes through out the year as part of the curriculum. Civic organizations can schedule appointments by contacting the Fire Prevention Division at 216-896-6137.

Where can I go to get my blood pressure checked?

We can check it at the fire station; someone is usually available between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM (barring any emergencies).