Animal Control

The City of Pepper Pike utilizes an on-call animal warden to assist residents with specific animal problems that are beyond the expertise of themselves or a police officer. The animal warden will assist residents with injured wild animals in their yards, stray dogs on their property, or nuisance animal problems within the actual living space of the home. Any resident experiencing these types of problems should contact the Pepper Pike Police Department at (216) 831-1424.

Residents that experience nuisance animal problems such as woodchucks, skunks, or raccoons frequenting their yard, or squirrels in their attic, should contact a private nuisance animal control expert for assistance.

Similar to many municipalities in Ohio, the City of Pepper Pike has experienced a large growth in its deer population during the last several years. The city has attempted to address the problem through population reduction.  The control options are limited because of the urban nature of the community. Residents that are experiencing deer problems should contact the Chief of Police to discuss available control methods.

The following are highlights of a few of the Pepper Pike ordinances that pertain to animals. The overviews presented here are not intended to replace actual and complete wording. If more information is needed, please feel free to contact the Pepper Pike Police Department.

1. Dogs at Large
It is unlawful to allow any dog to run at large while off the premises of the owner.

2. Barking or Howling Dogs
No person shall keep or harbor a dog within the municipality, which by frequent and habitual barking, howling, or yelping creates unreasonably loud and disturbing noise.

3. Vicious Dogs
Dogs that have killed or seriously injured a person, or killed another dog, shall not be owned, kept, or harbored within the city. Dangerous dogs (dogs that have attacked or attempted to bite) and Pit Bulls shall be kept in a locked pen that has a top while on the premises of the owner. In addition, owners shall have liability insurance providing coverage of at least $50,000.

4. Dog Registration
Except for guide dogs, every dog over three months of age must be registered with Cuyahoga County. The license tag must be securely attached around the dog's neck.

5. Hunting
Hunting is prohibited within city limits subject to nuisance abatement regulations.