Bicyclists and Pedestrians

Although the City of Pepper Pike is a community of fine homes and excellent city services, it still enjoys its semi-rural nature. Most of the streets within the city are twisting, winding side streets that terminate in a cul-de-sac. Greenspace is prized and most properties are professionally landscaped and well treed. Because of the beauty of the community, many residents enjoy walking, jogging or bicycling on the city streets. 

There are several bicycling and pedestrian ordinances that exist to ensure the safety of all users of the street. The following are highlights of a few of the ordinances that pertain to bicycles and pedestrians. The overviews presented here are not intended to replace actual and complete wording. If more information is needed, please feel free to contact the Pepper Pike Police Department.

1. Pedestrians and Bicyclists Traveling Single File
Bicyclists shall ride single file and as near to the right side of the roadway as practical. Pedestrians shall walk, jog, or run in single file and as near as practical to the right side of the roadway. If on a two-way road, pedestrian shall walk, jog, or run facing traffic.

2. Pedestrians Use of Reflective Clothing
Streetlamps are limited to street intersections and problem areas within the city; therefore, most streets do not have artificial lighting during nighttime hours. Joggers and pedestrians that utilize the roadways during nighttime hours should be especially vigilant and should ensure that they are wearing sufficient reflective clothing to easily be seen by motorists at a distance of 500 feet to the front and rear when illuminated by headlamps.

3. Bicyclists Use of Lamps and Reflective Clothing
Bicycles operated during nighttime hours shall be equipped with a white lamp on the front and a red lamp on the rear of the bike. The bike shall also have reflectors on the front and back and, in addition, the bike's operator shall wear reflective clothing.

4. Children's Use of Helmets
All children under eighteen years of age must wear a protective helmet while operating a bicycle on a city street.