Police Department Personnel

The Pepper Pike Police Department consists of 17 employees, 16 of which are sworn police officers.

Patrol Services

Provides 24-hour emergency and non-emergency response and service to the community. Patrol officers respond to all calls for service in the city and conduct the preliminary investigations. The patrol force provides round-the-clock protection to residents and visitors, pro-active patrol, traffic law enforcement, and crime prevention. Field supervision is provided on each of the three patrol shifts.

The goals of the patrol officer are high-visibility; pro-active enforcement; an awareness of the needs and desires of the community and its visitors; and fair and impartial professional law enforcement. The patrol officer is responsible for providing a safe and friendly environment for all people who live, work, or visit Pepper Pike.

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is an important segment of the police department. Patrol officers perform many investigations; but it is often impractical for them to investigate every crime that they come in contact with. The detectives handle follow-up investigations beyond the immediate resources or abilities of the patrol force. Crimes that require prolonged or extensive investigations, extensive interviews, or collection and packaging of evidence at major crime scenes are assigned to the Detective Bureau.

Communications Division

Dispatchers, located in Beachwood Police Department receive incoming telephone calls for service, including 911 calls in a state of the art dispatch facility. Police dispatchers are also responsible for dispatching the Fire Department and Rescue Squad personnel and applying emergency medical dispatch techniques.

Records Department

Record Clerk is responsible for processing and maintaining the large amount of documentation generated by all divisions within the department. Their duties include processing accident and incident reports, traffic tickets, subpoenas, and preparation of all documents for Shaker Heights Municipal Court.


Those wishing to gain employment with the City of Pepper Pike Police Department must successfully pass all testing criteria established by the city's civil service commission. Testing includes a multiple question general knowledge test, physical agility testing, psychological evaluations, and a polygraph exam. Applicants are also subject to an extensive background investigation and, if appointed, must be capable of passing a comprehensive medical examination and drug screening. Tests are given periodically and are advertised in the local newspapers.

Those wishing to gain employment as a police officer must be a citizen of the United States, must be at least 21 years of age on the date of the written test and have a valid driver's license. Applicant must be a high school graduate or have received their GED.

Additional credit is given to those who posses any of the following: An associates degree (2%), a bachelors degree, or 2 years actual full-time experience a a municipal, state, or federal law enforcement officer, or State of Ohio Officer's Basic Training Academy Program (5%).  Additional credit will be given to those who are veterans of the United States Military (7%). Total additional credit possible is twelve percent (12%). The City of Pepper Pike is an Equal Opportunity Employer.