Special Services

In addition to Patrol, Detective, Communications, and Records Services the police department provides, many of our officers have attended specialized training and offer additional services to the Pepper Pike Community and northeast Ohio. 

Child Safety Seat Installation

Several police officers and firefighters are certified child safety seat installers.  If you would like assistance with the correct and safe installation of your child's car seat, please contact our department at (216) 831-1424 to schedule an appointment.

Valley Enforcement Group (V.E.G.) Accident Investigation Unit

The Valley Enforcement Group (V.E.G.) is comprised of the 14 police departments in the Chagrin Valley area.  Members share manpower, equipment, and intellectual resources, making each department more effective than it would be alone. 

Two of our police officers have received additional training in the area of accident investigation and serve on this regional accident investigation unit.  This unit is called upon to assist V.E.G. departments in the investigation of serious/fatal motor vehicle accidents.

To go to the V.E.G. Accident Investigation Unit's website, click here.

 CodeRED Emergency Notification System 

The City of Pepper Pike has contracted with Emergency Communications Network for its Code Red emergency notification system. The Code Red system will allow city officials to send recorded messages to the entire community, or a specific area within moments. These messages will inform residents of the situation and give instructions for action. In addition to emergency notifications such as evacuation notices or missing child alerts, Code Red will also be used for informational announcements regarding City of Pepper Pike events and city services.

To be certain we have the most current contact information please register both land line and cellular phones on the cities web site. Do not assume your contact numbers are automatically included in the data base, please register. Businesses in Pepper Pike should also register to receive alerts. This notification system provides geographically based delivery, which means street addresses are required for both hard wired and cellular phones. The notifications can be delivered in text format for the hearing impaired to TDD numbers.

If you do not have access to a computer please call (216) 831-8500 during business hours for assistance in registration. In addition Mayor Bain has asked that if you are aware of a neighbor that is elderly or that for other reasons may have trouble with the registration process, please notify us so we can assist them.


CodeRED an Emergency Notification System.

What is CodeRED?

CodeRED is a fast communication service allowing The City of Pepper Pike to notify its residents of an emergency situation. It enables us to provide mass notification quickly and easily. This service is free to all Pepper Pike residents and businesses.

How will I benefit from this service?

This high-speed telephone system will allow Pepper Pike to contact residents to provide information about a critical situation, what action needs to be taken, and notification that the situation has been resolved.

If residents elect, CodeRED also allows us to send informational messages regarding city sponsored events, and other city service related messages.

How does it work?

CodeRED delivers the important message through a high-speed telephone calling system to a phone number in the CodeRED database using a Geographical Information System (GIS). A pre-recorded message will be sent out via the telephone with information about the incident and possible instructions for action to be taken.

What should I do if I receive a CodeRED message?

*Listen carefully* Follow Instructions* Don’t hang up until you hear the whole message (the message will not be repeated) * DO NOT Call 9-1-1 unless instructed to do so (You will only tie up emergency lines)

What should I do if I don’t receive a CodeRED message?

In some cases an incident will only affect a particular area of the city. CodeRED is a sophisticated system that allows us to communicate with only the residents impacted by the incident.

Will the system work with cell phones and emails?

Yes, but your cell phone number and email address needs to be associated with your Pepper Pike residence address. The system works only as well as the information entered in the database so we encourage you to register cell phones and email addresses.

Why did CodeRED call me several times?

If there is no answer and no answering device picks up, the number will be attempted three times.

Why did I get a call, but no message played?

If you answer and do not say hello, CodeRED will not begin playing automatically. It is trying to determine if it has reached a live person or answering device. If you do not say anything, it will hang up and try the number the next pass o the non-connected numbers.

How do I register?

There will be a button on the City of Pepper Pike web site which when clicked on will take you to the registration page. It’s important to remember that phone numbers (including cell phones) and emails need to be entered with your residence address.