Friday Special Pick-Ups

Each home is limited to six special pick-ups annually.  This does NOT include yard debris, which may be scheduled for collection on Friday, as often as needed. To schedule a Friday Special Pick-up please call (216) 896-6149. The following rules apply to Friday Special Pick-ups:

  1. Friday Special Pick-ups must be called in before 230 p.m. on Thursday. 
  2. Be Specific.  The crew will need to know exactly what is out for collection.
  3. Items should be neatly placed out for collection.
  4. Items must be ready for collection by 7:00 a.m. on Friday, and will be collected before 2:30 p.m.   

Speical Pick-up items include:

  • Appliances:  washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, etc.  NOTE:  Appliances containing Freon (refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, and window air conditioners) must have the chemical properly removed by a certified technician before collection may occur.   
  • Bulky Items:  doors, windows, wood, sinks, utility sinks, bathtubs, vanities.  We will take small amounts of these items.  Wood planks must be cut down to 4 feet or less in length and tied in bundles weighing less than 40 pounds.    
  • Cardboard Boxes, Wood Crates and Pallets:  collapse and bundle.  Bundles should weigh less than 40 pounds and measure 4 feet or less in length.
  • Carpet and Carpet Padding:  roll and tape or tie.  Rolls should weigh less than 40 pounds and measure 4 feet or less in length. No more than 10 rolls total.  If you have more than 10 rolls, you may rent a container or have a contractor remove them from your property.
  • Furniture:  couches, sofa chairs, kitchen and dining room tables and chairs, mattresses, bed frames and headboards, dressers and other types of wooden and laminated furniture.
  • Household Items:  clothes, toys, cleanout items. No food or other weekly trash items.  All items must be bagged, tied, and weigh less than 40 pounds.
  • Latex Paint:  No oil based paint.  Paint must be dried, with the lids off the cans, and placed in boxes.  Boxes should weigh less than 40 pounds.  To dry paint, add an equal amount of an absorbent material such as cat litter, saw dust or oil dry.  
  • Yard Waste:   (click Yard Waste tab for details)