Yard Waste

Branches, Limbs, Small Tree Trunks, Twigs:  should not exceed 2 inches in diameter, should be cut down to 4 feet in length, and should be tied in bundles with string or twine.  Bundles should weigh less than 40 pounds each.

Leaves, Weeds, Small Twigs:  should be placed in Kraft paper yard bags.  Yard bags should weigh less than 40 pounds.

Kraft paper yard bags are available for purchase at the Service Department for $2.00 per bundle of five (5) bags.  Bundled and bagged yard waste will be collected with Friday Special Pick-up.  Residents may also rent a container from the City to dispose of yard waste.  Click the Container Drop-off Program tab for more details.

GRASS CLIPPINGS are restricted from landfills, and therefore may NOT be included with leaves and other yard waste for collection.  Residents may include grass clippings with yard waste that is being placed in a rented container, since these materials are not taken to a landfill.  Or, grass clippings may be composted in the back yard.  For more information on composting, purchasing a compost bin, or composting seminars, click on the following link to the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District's website.

Yard Waste Survey

Every year Pepper Pike, along with every other community in Cuyahoga County, completes ia Residential Recycling Report.  The report was established by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District in response to the Ohio EPA's concern that the District achieves the state's recycling and source reduction goal.

Source reduction, is defined by the EPA as "any change in the design, manufacturing, purchase, or use of materials or products to reduce the amount or toxicity before they become municipal solid waste (MSW)."  Therefore, source reduction activities affect the waste stream before the point of waste generation.

Managing organic wastes (grass, leaves, plant trimmings, tree branches and prunings) through grasscycling (mulching mowers), backyard composting or other on-site alternatives to disposal, is an example of source reduction.  Yard trimmings made up about 15% of MSW generation in 1999, so source reduction measures aimed at these products can have an important effect on waste generation.

The City needs your help in calculating the amount of organic waste that is managed through grasscycling, backyard composting, or other on-site alternatives to disposal so that these materials can be recognized as a source reduction.

Please download and complete the attached survey, and return it to the Pepper Pike Service Department via:

Email:  service@pepperpike.org
Fax:  216-831-0978

Or drop it off at our office, located next to City Hall.

We would like to have as many responses as possible by October 31, 2011.

Yard Waste Survey